investing in cryptocurrency – a fintech startup that grows your investment through buying low and selling high – works with a handful of people with little to no knowledge of digital currency or buying Bitcoin for a one-month testing phase of their software. Since the startup holds an exceptional trust rating, people can confidently transact with them.

Here’s how it works: They monitor and analyse more than 100 investing in cryptocurrency vendors around the clock, comparing the price of a cryptocurrency across all providers, and instantly recognising when a price difference arises. The software then allows to buy the underpriced currency, then resell it at a higher price. Depending on your level of investment, you can enjoy a decent amount of capital gains.
First off, registration was a cinch. You just needed to register with your email address and phone number and in less than three minutes your account will be approved.

Once registered, I was prompted to test a free demo, so I could test out the software. The GUI was user friendly and everything was incredibly easy to understand and follow, especially considering how complicated the world of cryptocurrency can be.

Basically, there were two buttons: “Start” and “Deposit”. I was able to exchange my money for Bitcoin right through Pretty straightforward. Should you have any questions, no worries – there’s a 24-hour customer support channel. The support was helpful and they explained things to me in a way that I could easily understand.